Based in Aberdeen, VSA is the city’s major social care charity. VSA has grown since 1870 from charities that operated with Voluntary Service Aberdeen, combining them to provide even better care and value for the local community today.

The VSA Vision is: To build a strong and caring community.

The work we do to realise this vision is our mission: To provide the best care and support to enable our community to fulfil its potential.

The vision and mission are based on shared values we believe in as an organisation:

  • Our service users’ needs will be at the heart of our policies, planning and work.
  • We will work to provide the best care to meet our service users’ needs.
  • We will embrace, promote and foster partnerships to deliver our services in the most appropriate way for our service users.
  • We will respect and value our service users, partners, volunteers and staff.

The ‘philosophy’ for service provision is a reflection of the above Agency vision, mission and values.

VSA Services

Carers Services

Do you look after or help a relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without support? If so, you are a carer. The VSA Carers services offer advice, information and support on all aspects of caring.

Our Carer’s Services include the Carers Centre and Young Carers Centre in Castle Street, Aberdeen and centres throughout Aberdeenshire. In addition to this, we have specific workers tasked in the areas of mental health and learning disabilities. These services are all responsive to the needs of the people using them and the communities that they are in.

There are also Carers pods in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Royal Cornhill Hospital.

Weekend Day Care

The Weekend Day Care Service provides respite for carers through day care for up to fifteen older people with dementia on Saturdays and Sundays. The resource used to provide this service is the Broomhill Activity Centre. Those attending enjoy company and stimulation, as well as specialist activities while their carers have a break.

Young Carers Services

Young Carers help in many different ways; examples include shopping, cooking, housework, provision of medication, personal care and ensuring the cared-for person is safe.

Our project provides physical, social, emotional, and educative support directly to young carers. Support and service provision can include one-to-one support, homework group, special interest groups e.g. boy’s group, girl’s group, outdoor activities, music, various special activities and support in school.

Children and Family Community Services

VSA’s Children and Family Community Services provides community based services for children and families in Aberdeen. These include our Family Support Project, our Playgroup and the Contact Centre.

If you care for spouse, partner, child, other family member or friend then you may be entitled to support from your local VSA Carers Support and Development Worker. VSA Carers Services offers a wide variety of services for Carers. These include information and advice, counselling, life coaching, complimentary therapies, support groups and grants for carer breaks.

Your local Carers Support and Development Worker is Tracey Harrison. There are two Support Groups for carers in your area. One is held on the first Wednesday of every month at VSA Carer Support Services located at Forest Grove, 22 Kings Gate between 10.30am-12pm and the other one is on the last Wednesday of every month at the VSA Carers Centre, 38 Castle Street between 10.30am-12pm.  Some carers can feel isolated due to the nature of their caring role and might benefit from talking to other carers who understand each others situation and can support and advise one another as well as keeping up to date with current events. Please call Tracey Harrison the 22 Kings Gate number is 01224 679026 if you are interested in attending either of these support groups.

Carers who have approached VSA Carers Services in the past have said: 


  • VSA Carer Services have given me sound advice and Information which has helped me to understand and organise my finances better,  I feel that I can ring them when ever I have a question and they are always friendly and helpful.?
  • I know feel more confident in myself and not so alone in my caring role and feel that the support workers that I speak to understand and give me sound advise and the information that I need?

For more information on VSA Carers Services or to discuss an application to the Creative Breaks Fund Tel: 01224 212021,


Email: tracey.harrison@vsa.org.uk,

Mobile: 07885803046/01224 679026.

Registered Scottish Charity: SC012950


As part of the Adult and Community Services Directorate within VSA Re-Connect aims to help adults who suffer from Mental Health Problems and social exclusion. Re-Connect can support service users to feel more socially included in group settings which would then improve their well being, health, independence and responsibility. Re-Connect can also support service users to improve on Social Skills/Personal Development, appropriate assertiveness and how to look after yourself. One to one time is available if required.

Linn Moor Residential School


Linn Moor Residential School offers placements for young people with moderate, severe or complex support needs and specialises in autism and related disorders. Individually packaged placements are provided within a group living and learning context for up to 52 weeks per year.

The School aims to provide a safe, secure and enabling environment in which our students can live, learn and achieve their maximum individual potential through our 24 hour curriculum. We recognise each student’s uniqueness, value and worth and respect dependence whilst promoting independence. We aim to optimise individual personal growth and experiences using a sensitive, non-aversive and holistic approach. The school is also committed to using a multi-disciplinary approach, working alongside parents and families.

Getting Involved


VSA offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities which support VSA’s services and make a difference to the lives of people most in need in our community.  There are many different volunteering opportunities which can involve supporting a VSA service or volunteering to support a fundraising event. You can volunteer at any of our services by contacting them directly or by registering an interest – forms are available on the VSA website.

Your team, department or organisation could do something worthwhile as a teambuilding exercise by taking on a task or project to improve our locations – this could include improving a garden or helping out on Easterton Angus Farm.


More Information


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