St. Andrew’s First Aid Aberdeen and the North of Scotland

The History

standrewsfirstaid St Andrew’s First Aid is a first aid charity based in Scotland.  Founded in 1882, St Andrew’s was Scotland’s first ambulance service.  Now a voluntary organisation it uses the brand ‘St Andrew’s First Aid’ and seeks to preserve the lives of people in Scotland by through the provision of education and emergency first aid at events throughout Scotland. Lots of minor and major injuries happen and as a result we now need to prepare societies to be able to deal with injuries.

  • Accidents in the home
  • Sports injuries
  • Road accidents
  • Accidents in normal daily living e.g. eating out
  • Place of work

Pre-Hospital care… why the huge need?

  • It can help to save lives.
  • It allows faster care to be provided.
  • Helps to support the huge admissions in accident and emergency departments in the UK.
  • There are huge mortality rates for minor/major injuries in the UK.
  • On an international level, there are more minor/major injuries than there are HIV, TB and Malaria put together in African countries.

How can St. Andrew’s First Aid help?

  • Give individuals, groups and communities First Aid training.
  • Raise awareness of minor and major injuries which take place.
  • Be involved in active campaigning on the issue.
  • Develop and promote volunteering.

Ideal outcome?

Communities who are safe and know what to do in a disastrous situation and an improved outcome of equality in emergency care.

Course Information

Public courses

Standard First Aid This is a comprehensive 24-hour course that covers most aspects of basic first aid, including:

  • recovery position
  • choking in adults, children and babies
  • circulatory disorders
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults, children and babies
  • control of bleeding
  • neurological disorders
  • Sprains, strains and fractures

Emergency First Aid This is a 4-hour course that is designed to give a brief overview of some of the key first aid skills (such as CPR, choking and control of bleeding). Emergency Resuscitation This is a 2-hour course that teaches basic life support skills. Junior First Aid This course that has been developed to teach a variety of first aid skills to children under the age of 15. Sports Injuries First Aid This course places particular emphasis on injuries that might be encountered in a sporting environment (fractures, spinal injuries etc.), whilst also encouraging record keeping and advice on what a sports first aid kit should contain. Baby and Child First Aid This course is particularly aimed at parents and those who work with young children, as it focuses on baby and child CPR and choking procedures as well as recognition and treatment of common childhood illnesses and injuries. Anaphylaxis Awareness This is a 4-hour course that is entirely centred around anaphylaxis: causes, the effects on the body, recognition and treatment.  There is a section on the use of an EpiPen, and opportunity to use a practice EpiPen.

Workplace courses

HSE Approved First Aid at Work This 18 hour long course covers most of what is done in Standard First Aid, but also provides information on relevant laws and advice on contents of first aid boxes and rooms. Emergency Aid for Appointed Persons Course This one day course is more basic than First Aid at Work, that is similar in scope to Emergency First Aid.   For more information on St. Andrew’s First Aid check out the website:


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