Grampian Area Applied Psychology Advisory Committee (GAAPAC)

Grampian Area Applied Psychology Area Committee (GAAPAC):

Structure and Mission Statement

Grampian Area Applied Psychology Advisory Committee (GAAPAC) was formed in 2012 as a group representing the professional views of all applied psychologists within NHS Grampian. Through the Area Clinical Forum (ACF), GAAPAC provides clinical advice on issues raised by NHS Grampian Board. GAAPAC can also raise questions and concerns about clinical and professional matters with the Board through the same channel. Like the rest of the ACF, GAAPAC is a professional committee, distinct from operational management structures, and as such, has a focus that is professional, strategic and non-partisan. The committee represents all applied psychologists from all five sectors (see below) and operates on the basis of a formal constitution. Dr Helen Moffat is currently chair of GAAPAC and chair of the ACF and Dr Rachael Smith is the Vice Chair of GAAPAC. Both attend ACF meetings.

The aims of GAAPAC:

  • To support the work of, and provide clinical and professional advice to the Boards on applied psychology services relevant to health, health care delivery and local health strategy.
  • To make representations to the Boards on professional matters when considered necessary including on psychology services and other relevant issues which impinge on patient care and health improvement.
  • To advise the Boards, and their officers, on all psychological matters.  The Boards should clearly specify the advice they seek and allow enough time for GAAPAC to consult its wider membership and other bodies.
  • To engage with and enable psychologists employed by the Boards to participate in the formation and implementation of policy on all matters affecting psychology and psychology services.
  • To advise on workforce issues including identified education and training needs of all applied psychology staff employed by the Boards and, when appropriate, liaise with other professional bodies to assist in meeting these needs.
  • To encourage and promote practice research and service development and improvement.
  • To take an active involvement in the service redesign and development agenda for the Boards healthcare systems.
  • To contribute to the Boards development of the Local Health Plan.
  • To contribute to the work of the Area Clinical Forum to ensure a coordinated approach on clinical matters among the different professions and within the component parts of the local NHS system.

Dates of Meetings 2018:

  • Wednesday 21st February
  • Wednesday 18th April
  • Wednesday 6th June
  • Wednesday 15th August
  • Wednesday 17th October
  • Wednesday 12th December

All meetings are from 10.00-12.00 at Royal Cornhill Hospital


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