The Area Clinical Forum

The Area Clinical Forum consists of the Chairs and Vice Chairs of all the NHS Grampian Advisory Committees :  Medical, Dental, Optometry, Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacy, Healthcare Scientists and Psychology.

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In addition to the core members other people will be invited to participate in the meetings of the Forum where relevant but will not be permitted to vote.

  • A clinical representative from each of the three Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) in the Grampian area – Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray – the representative will be selected by the IJB or the committee of the IJB which has responsibility for professional matters.
  • The Chair and Vice Chair of the two sub-committees of the Area Medical Committee – the GP Sub-Committee and the Consultants Sub-Committee.
  • Two lay representatives nominated by the Public Involvement Team.
  • The Chief Executive, Medical Director, Director of Public Health and Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPS) of NHS Grampian and other executive directors/senior managers as required.

The duties and functions of the forum, as detailed in the constitution, are listed below.

To support the work of and provide clinical and professional advice to the Grampian NHS Board and all Integration Joint Boards in the Grampian area (“the Boards”) by:

  • Reviewing and supporting the business of the Area Professional Committees to ensure a co-ordinated approach on clinical matters among the different professions and within the component parts of the local NHS system;
  • Promoting work around modernisation and service redesign and to play an active role in advising the NHS Board on potential for service improvement;
  • Sharing best practice among the different professions and actively promoting multi-disciplinary working – both  in health care and health improvement, and in the empowerment of patients, communities and the population as a whole to manage their health and healthcare;
  • Engaging widely with local clinicians and other professionals, with a view to encouraging broader participation in the work of the Area Professional Committees;
  • Providing the Boards with a clinical perspective on the development of their strategic plans and objectives;
  • Promoting the development of a culture of dignity, respect and inclusivity in relation to working relationships with staff, partners and in the treatment and care of patients;
  • Promoting a person centred approach to the development of staff, services and the treatment and care of patients.

At the request of the Boards, the Area Clinical Forum may also be called upon to perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Explore and take forward particular issues on which clinical input is required on behalf of the Boards, taking into account the evidence base, best practice clinical governance, etc. and make proposals for their resolution;
  • Advise the Boards on specific proposals to improve the integration of services, both within the local NHS systems and across health and social care.
  • The Area Clinical Forum will review its functions periodically, in collaboration with the Boards, to ensure they fit local priorities and developments.
  • The Area Clinical Forum is accountable to the Boards for the provision of appropriate advice and the discharge of the functions set out above.

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