Self Management for Secondary Care Doctors

We ran an afternoon to learn and share experiences of how we can better support patients to self manage in secondary care. Feedback forms indicated that delegates agreed or strongly agreed that the afternoon’s sessions were useful and interesting. Feedback comments suggested more opportunities to share learning and experiences of supporting self-management and were able to reflect on how to improve their conversations with patients. The organising team plan to meet and consider how the self-management agenda can be progressed in collaboration with secondary care and welcome any suggestions or ideas via the following email addresses:,,,

The programme included:

• An overview of self management in Grampian – Chris Littlejohn, Deputy Director of Public Health

• Self management with secondary care – Dr Caslake on behalf of Silver City Team

• Resources/services available to help support patients to self manage – Healthpoint Team

• How do I improve my skills to help patients self manage – Health Psychology team

Presentations can be found below:


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