Supported Self-Care and Self-Management


Supporting self-management is a fundamental component of the move to develop person centred health and social care services. It is both simple and complex.

  • Simple in that it straightforwardly follows from seeing the whole person in the context of their current circumstances, taking the time to understand the life they are aspiring to lead, the obstacles to that that their current health condition poses, and tailoring their care and treatment from that starting point.
  • Complex in that this requires a shared understanding of care delivery between professional and patient, coordinated resources and actions across multiple organisations, services and teams, and involves organisational system and culture change.

This webpage provides updates on the development of this agenda in Grampian.

Supporting self-care and self-management in Grampian

A ‘loose coalition’ of interested parties has slowly grown locally, and through workshops and events a collective understanding of supported self-management has been developed (see the strategic development paper below).

Alliance Scotland has supported this work, and following one of their national networking events in Aberdeen in April 2016 a Grampian self-management network has come into existence. This network is still in early formation and is interested in being a mixed forum for practitioners and people with lived experience. It has the potential to become a valuable asset that could help inform service developments.

Importantly, the work has informed the Grampian Clinical Strategy, with self-management as one of its four priority themes. This strategy will influence service development across health and social care in Grampian.

Recent discussion with key stakeholders, and partners in health and social care has led to the creation of the Grampian Clinical Strategy Supported Self-management Transformation Programme Board. The board, chaired by Deputy Director for Public Health and Head of Health Improvement Chris Littlejohn will provide strategic oversight for supported self-management across Grampian. It is proposed the Transformation Programme Board will co-produce the implementation of the House of Care as the overarching model for the development of systems to support self-management in Grampian.

Anyone interested in discussing this agenda further, or in joining the Grampian self-management network, please contact

Supporting self-care and self-management in Grampian

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