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SHARE refreshed pack (2014) age appropriate for young people aged 12+ . Currently, all delegates who attend the 2 day SHARE training course will receive 1 hard copy of this resource free of charge.

SHARE refreshed pack (2014)




SHARE refreshed pack 2014



 SHARE presentation



  •  Methodologies used to deliver SHARE activity can be found in a range of documents including your SHARE trainers pack.

Methodologies planning grid

  • The primary school   SRE City training pack 2013 also  includes activities to challenge values and attitudes  such as Diamond 9 and 16 Down which can be used with staff, parents and pupils
  • Top tips for answering questions:    Top Tips

Creating a safe environment to learn in, develops curious minds, here is a list of some

Questions Children Ask

  • Friendships (Perfect 10) is an activity designed to facilitate discussion around personal attributes  and  positive friendships/ relationships


  • Consent Sex and relationship education should include discussions of consent, safety within relationships and negotiation when it comes to sexual behaviour.  Reports from staff working with young people have highlighted that many people are confused as to what constitutes rape.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Sexual exploitation can take many forms from the seemingly ‘consensual’ relationship where sex is exchanged for attention/affection, accommodation or gifts, to serious organised crime and child trafficking. What marks out exploitation is an imbalance of power within the relationship. The perpetrator always holds some kind of power over the victim, increasing the dependence of the victim as the exploitative relationship develops

  Bad Romance, Scotland’s first Snapchat campaign looking at CSE:


Zero Tolerance  – resources that can build on the SHARE programme, with a focus on preventing abuse and exploitation in teen relationships.

  • Zip It is an App developed by Childline which give young people information, advice an humorous pre programmed responses to inappropriate social media requests such as texts, what’s app, email etc.


Zip It Flyer


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