Resources to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning (LGBTQ)

  • Suppporting Transgender Young People Report aims to help primary and secondary education staff in Scotland support transgender children and young people . It is based on the experiences of transgender young people and good practice approaches suggested by teachers, youth workers and others.

Supporting Transgender Young People – Guidance for Schools in Scotland

  • Stonewalls Teachers report highlights knowledge levels, confidence and skills, around staff tackling homophobic bullying within schools


Stonewalls Teachers Report 2014

  • The LGBT toolkit designed to was developed by Learning Teaching Scotland in conjunction with LGBT youth Scotland.


LGBT Homophobic Bullying Toolkit Revised

  • Lesson plans developed to provide suggestions and examples that teachers might draw on to address homophobia and homophobic bullying in the context of the values, purposes and principles of Curriculum for Excellence. These plans could meet aspects of a range of curriculum areas, including a number of experiences and outcomes grouped under the Health and Wellbeing. The lesson plans should be used as part of a wider approach utilising the LGBT Homophobic toolkit, to take a look at whole school ethos, policies and approaches to preventing and dealing with homophobic incidents These lesson plans are not intended to be prescriptive but to support teachers to challenge and deal with the issue of homophobia confidently and sensitively and contribute to the development of the four capacities in young people.

            LGBT Lesson plans

  • No Bystanders Campaign: Join the movement and take a stand against hate crime:



  • Genderbread person

The genderbread person is a type of infographic about gender, using it as a umbrella term to encompass gender expression, orientation, sexuality, genitals, and other identities. Genderbread person is a way of conceptualising, and a learning tool for, gender and orientation.

Genderbread person

Genderbreadperson Powerpoint Presentation

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