Mental Health Documents

Keyes 2004 paper outlines the relationship between mental health and cardiac health.  This paper demonstrates that both mental illness and poor health are bad for your cardiac health.  This may provide a basis for the claim that improving mental health might prevent cardiac heart disease.

The Adult Subjective Wellbeing Scale  is a well designed measure of mental health and could be used in place of the Warwick Edinburgh Scale, especially where an individual measure is required.  Further to this the Youth Subjective Wellbeing Scale  is specifically designed as a youth scale whereas the Warwick Edinburgh Scale is not. Keyes 2007 paper summarizes the conception of diagnosis of the mental health continuum, the findings supporting the two continua model of mental health and illness, and the benefits of flourishing to individuals and society.


The three following papers outline the development of the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.  The first paper also includes a copy of the scale.Briefing Update:

Mental health in workplace

Wellbeing in the Workplace review provides a “bottom line” justification for a  wellbeing approach to having a mentally healthy workplace.

A review of effective interventions for common mental health problems in the workplace and two trifold summaries of the review (one for health professionals and one for employers)

Evaluation and Guidance

  • Making it Happen is a useful guide to getting a wide range of organisations involved in mental health improvement.  Published by the Department of Health and thus has an English Legislative Framework but contains a lot of useful information.


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