MeOC Videos

These videos demonstrate the simplicity and flexibility of Making every Opportunity Count to enable people to live as well as they can. (Please click on the videos link below).

MeOC is a simple, inclusive approach to prevention and self-care.  It involves a brief conversation and signposting by front line staff, to enable people to live as well as they can. Each video illustrates a small but important part of a more detailed consultation

The first video illustrates how this conversation can be built into routine care.

The second video contains two scenarios. The first illustrates a routine outpatient appointment and a brief conversation before the patient meets the consultant. The second illustrates how a partner agency is making a difference by providing health and wellbeing-related opportunities for a client in the course of providing support on employment.

Information on the Making every Opportunity Count approach, and key services such as Cash in Your Pocket and other support to improve wellbeing and health, are available for use by Health Professionals on No Delays. To access No Delays follow this link​ , select Request an Account and sign up using your email address. No Delays allows you to send selected video clips directly to your patient by email. The email comes from the No Delays platform, not your account. You will also be able to check if your patient has viewed the content selected for them.

Making every opportunity count

Find out why this approach matters. The feasibility of a brief conversation. How effective signposting enables more people to help themselves to better health and well being. The sheer scale of opportunity across the public and third sector to make a difference to population health​.

Cash in your pocket

What is cash in your pocket?: from the view of the professional: how this organisation works to ensure people are referred to the best service to meet their financial and related needs, and why it is important for more clinicians and other professionals to join their colleagues in signposting or referring people with money worries which are likely to impact negatively on their wellbeing.

How we help : from the client’s view: describes the range of help available and how easy and quick it is to be put in touch with the right people, with the right information and understanding to help

How to contact Cash in Your pocket

What happens when you contact Cash in Your pocket

Cash in your Pocket – I got help. You can get it too.

Angela’s story:  Angela explains her very difficult circumstances, the help she received and how it has made such a difference to her life

Kerry’s story: Kerry explains how getting in touch with the right people at the right time has helped her to regain her independence, manage her circumstances and increase her wellbeing.​


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