Community Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical services have grown and developed in recent years. Community Pharmacies are often the first port of call for patients who are unwell or need healthcare advice. Counter staff build relationships with regular customers. The MeOC approach encourages staff to build on these, by engaging in conversations with customers on lifestyle and life circumstances, maximising our positive influence for health and providing information, including signposting patients to other relevant services where appropriate. In her brief paper, MeOC in Community Pharmacies, NHS Grampian Pharmaceutical Services Improvement and Development Manager, Stacey Anderson, sets out how the MeOC approach supports the delivery of a range of pharmaceutical services. We include a range of support materials to enable community pharmacies to start building the MeOC approach routinely within day to day work.

  1. MEOC in Community Pharmacies
  2. NICE Draft guideline ( January 2018) Community pharmacies: promoting health and wellbeing
  3.  Overview, what and why MeOC helps – powerpoint
  4.  How you can make every Opportunity Count –powerpoint
  5.  Setting up a test of change with your team – powerpoint
  6.  Test of change agreement –example
  7.  Test of change review – example
  8.  Test of change poster – example
  9.  Your wellbeing booklet pdf

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