Making Every Opportunity Count (MeOC)

 Key Contacts

Dr Linda Leighton-Beck, (Head of Social Inclusion, MeOC Strategic Lead)
Catriona Sutherland, (Clinical Lead- Acute)
Laura Sutherland, (Moray HSCP)
Susan Johnston, (Moray HSCP)
Shona Strachan, (Aberdeenshire HSCP)
Dorothy R-A, (Modernisation)


Making every Opportunity Count is an ambitious, integrative and transformative 3- tiered approach for cultural shift with everyone, every system and service doing a little to enable service users, and providers, to keep well.

MeOC is designed to support a common way of preventive working suitable for all public and third sector services by providing a simple approach to the ‘how’.

This work aligns well with NHS England’s developments of longer standing on Making Every Contact Count.

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Partners make every opportunity count and win top Public Health award

Elizabeth Russell Prize 2016 Scottish Faculty of Public Health

A Few Words from Partners

Views of colleagues working for a UK Government agency, in Grampian.

  • Manager’s view of Making every Opportunity Count (MeOC) approach

From the first meeting I had with the MeOC Manager to discuss the approach, I could see how the tool would complement and enhance the work of my entire team, giving them a great introduction to discussing wellbeing with people who use our services, leading into discussion of other personal circumstances. The information necessary was also provided for team members so that they were confident they could signpost people to appropriate support.  I was really impressed by the tools offered to us by NHS Grampian, especially as they were tailored to meet our needs and the needs of people who use our services.  The awareness sessions for the teams were informal, enjoyable and, although they only took about 30 minutes, they really helped the teams to see the benefits of MeOC. The sessions also gave them the opportunity to have an input into the information and how we would use it.

It has been so easy to introduce MeOC into our daily work and we have already begun to see the benefits to people who use our services and to staff.  In terms of resource, we had 2 short meetings – an initial discussion and a planning meeting – delivered 2 x30 minute sessions to staff, and then we were underway. The recording is minimal and the support we received from NHSG has been amazing.

We can now make the MeOC approach ours and simply build it in to our processews

  • Team Leader’s view of MeOC approach

As soon as I heard about MeOC, I could immediately see the benefits of it for people who use our services, and I volunteered my team to take part in a test of change.

I sat in on the awareness session the MeOC Manager provided for my team. We then met to go over the presentation and that helped me clarify what should be included, and ensured I had all the resources required.

I now feel comfortable leading the awareness session myself, and can support any new staff we may have in future.

The process from start to finish has been incredibly straightforward and, with brief initial support, I have now been able to take this forward. My team members are now conducting effective wellbeing conversations and signposting to local services.

March 2018.


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