Health Traffic Lights 2015


The Health Traffic Lights provide a colour-coded picture of health and ill health in our communities, alongside population indicators.  They make it easier to see – at a glance – issues that may need to be addressed.  These Health Traffic Lights are available for Grampian and for each of the three local authority areas – Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray – by postcode sector.

The Health Traffic Lights have been designed to:

  • Illustrate health status for every postcode in Grampian and by Health & Social Care Partnership
  • Make it easier for everyone to understand health information
  • Provide a systematic, structured tool
  • Make it easier to see differences between communities
  • Support elected members in their work
  • Provide a starting point for monitoring health issues in communities
  • Flag issues that need to be investigated further
  • Help localities to pinpoint areas and issues for action
  • Assist Community Planning Partners, Health and Social Care Partnerships and Integrated Joint Boards to improve health and reduce inequalities
  • Orientate people new to Grampian or ‘new’ to health
  • Help everyone to contribute to reducing inequalities to transform our communities.

You can find more detailed Health Traffic Lights information, including documentation, on the NHS Grampian website at:

For further information on the Health Traffic Lights tool, please contact:

Dr Linda Leighton-Beck

Fred Nimmo


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