Gender Based Violence

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Dr Linda Leighton-Beck

Gender Based Violence (Domestic Abuse and Other Abuse)

NHSG’s policy and guide on addressing Gender Based Violence (Domestic Abuse)

Employees of NHS Grampian have a duty of care to respond to patients affected by domestic abuse (and childhood sexual abuse in mental health and substance misuse services).

They are not expected to be experts or to provide everything a patient needs, but the response will play a crucial part in improving the immediate and long-term health of those affected.

The NHSG Gender Based Violence Policy supports people to work effectively with patients affected by gender based violence, in line with national guidance.

The NHSG Guide: Domestic Abuse supports you to implement the policy, by outlining what health workers need to know about gender-based violence.

For related information on Female Genital Mutilation please see the multi-agency practice guideline document listed below.

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By addressing gender based violence appropriately you will improve the quality of care through safe, effective and timely interventions for adults and children experiencing abuse.  Training is also available – click here for more information (link to NHS Grampian intranet).

Please direct any queries to Dr Linda Leighton-Beck, Public Health –

Amanda Croft, Director of Nursing


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