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The primary remit of the team is to ensure that the ‘improving health services’ domain of public health practice is delivered in NHS Grampian. However, we use our specific skills/expertise to operate across all domains and work widely with various disciplines, departments and agencies. The stated purpose of team is therefore:

‘to coordinate and optimise the use of public health skills and expertise resources within the team to develop and improve health care services, and where appropriate apply these skills to other areas, within NHS Grampian.’

The key skills/expertise of the team are in epidemiology, assessing need, evidence review, evaluation and leadership, and our key aim is:

‘to ensure as far as possible that a rational approach is taken to service development and provision based on assessment of the true needs of the population, evidence of what works, and evaluation that services are meeting needs (all within a context of reducing inequalities).’

The team comprises mainly Consultants in Public Health (Medicine and Dentistry) (CPH(M/D)s) and Public Health Researchers (PHRs), and works across a wide range of topic areas. Some of the team members hold joint posts with the University of Aberdeen and many also have specific health protection and teaching roles. For more information about the Health Care Team members please visit the Health Care Team Contacts webpage (see below).

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