NHS Grampian Managed Clinical Network (MCN) for Oral and Dental Health

A strategic network approach is central to oral health and dental service developments in NHS Grampian. Achievement of desired outcomes in oral health for the population of Grampian is dependent on the provision of accessible, high quality, holistic dental services. These services need to be patient-centred and evidence-led along with promotion of a long term preventive approach with elements of supported, informed self care by patients.

Leadership for oral and dental health development and strategic planning across Grampian is provided by the Oral and Dental Health MCN Project Board, supported by a number of permanent sub groups and short life working groups.

The MCN Work Plan 2016-2018, directed by the NHS Grampian Dental Plan 2016-2022 (see below), is aligned to national priorities and those being progressed by NHS Grampian and the three Integrated Joint Boards (IJBs) of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray. It aims to consolidate and build on work previously undertaken and to drive forward continuous improvements in dental services, health outcomes and patient experience.

NHS Grampian Dental Plan 2016 – 2022

The NHS Grampian Board has approved a revised dental plan for the residents of Grampian. The plan aims to provide a blueprint for ensuring that dental services in Grampian meet the needs and expectations of the people they serve, and contribute to improving their health and quality of life.

The NHS Grampian Dental Plan 2016 – 2022 is available to view here.

NHS Grampian Oral and Dental Health MCN Annual Report 2016/17

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