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The information on this site will provide you with information on the current Child Healthy Weight (CHW) programmes that are being delivered in NHS Grampian for children and young people aged 2-18 years old.

For further information please contact:-

Dara Wilson, Community Dietitian (

Overview of Referral Pathway and interventions for Child Healthy Weight (CHW) ICP

Referral Pathway and Light Touch Intervention for Health Visitors (27-30 Month Assessment)

1)   Health Visitor Child Healthy Weight Pack

2)   Child Healthy Weight Light Touch Session

3a) Child Healthy Weight Referral Form

3b) Child Healthy Weight Referral Form (Moray)

4a) Health Visitor Dietary Assessment Form – Supporting Information

4b) Health Visitor Dietary Assessment Form – Assessment Form

5)  Food & Activity Diary

6) Making Changes – How do you Feel?

7) My Simple Steps to Being Healthier sheet 1 and My Simple Steps to being Healthier – sheet 2

8) Top Tips for Top Tots


Referral Pathways for Primary Care

Eat Play and Grow Well is delivered by the Community Dietetic Department. Referrals will be accepted for children whose BMI Centile is ≥99.6th and have gone through the appropriate Light Touch Session. Eat Play and Grow Well focuses on:- Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Goal Setting and Whole Family Approach. This is delivered over four sessions with reviews and six, nine and twelve months.

Referral Pathway for Light Touch Intervention for School Nurses (5-18 years old)

Full Child Healthy Weight Integrated Care Pathway for 2 to 18 years of age

Grow Well Choices

The Grow Well Choices programme has been developed to help tackle the increasing issue of children who are not maintaining a healthy weight. The programme is run in Grampian primary schools with children from P 5-7 classes. It is delivered over eight weeks with one session per week each lasting one hour and the sessions are run entirely in a gym or games hall.

The programme aims to educate children about healthier lifestyle choices and the importance of being healthy through activities and games sessions.

Here is a copy of the Grow Well Choices Teacher’s Pack which is designed to provide school staff with information to support the delivery of Grow Well Choices


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