Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service

Key Contact

Telephone: 01467 672 748 (Inverurie Hospital)
01343 567 145 (Spynie Hospital)
01224 556 235 (Woodend Hospital)

Who are we?

The NHS Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service help people who have problematic bladder and bowel symptoms and encourage health promotion.

What we do?

We are a nurse led department specialising in bladder and bowel health.
We provide a clinical service to patients in their own homes, hospitals, care homes and residential homes.
We are an advisory service and will provide advice via the telephone or e-mail to members of the public and healthcare professionals.
We offer training sessions on many aspects for bladder and bowel health in various locations throughout Grampian.
We provide combined training sessions to Care Homes along with other NHS Grampian Specialist Departments.
Joint Bladder and Bowel Clinics are held throughout Grampian where patients can self refer or be referred for an appointment to be seen by a specialist physiotherapist and nurse.

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