CERGA Topic Guidance

Click the links below to download documents that have been considered by CERGA for a local point of view.

Novel Psychoactive treatment: UK Network (NEPTUNE)

NEPTUNE has been developed to improve clinical practice in the management of harms resulting from the use of club drugs and novel psychoactive substances. It is aimed at clinicians working in a range of front-line settings, including drug treatment and recovery services, emergency departments, sexual health services and primary care. Guidelines can be found here: http://neptune-clinical-guidance.co.uk/

Review of the World Health Organisation Guidelines for the Psychosocially Assisted Pharmacological Treatment of Opioid Dependence (Word Document, 24kb)

Injectable Heroin NHS Grampian Position Paper June 2010 (Word document, 72kb)

Grampian Guidance on the Drug Misuse and Dependence, UK Guidelines on Clinical Management (the Orange Guidelines) (Word document, 28kb)

IEPServices-InterimGuidelines (PDF document, 427kb) Best practice recommendations for commissioners and injecting equipment provision (IEP) services in Scotland.

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