The remit of the group is to provide advice to the three Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray) and NHS Grampian in relation to strategy and decision-making for both clinical and non-clinical interventions in the management of addictions to alcohol and other drugs. Specifically this will entail:

  • evaluating the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of established and emerging interventions using published evidence, including systematic reviews and national guidelines
  • making recommendations that represent best practice and best value in relation to established and emerging treatments and harm reduction interventions for individuals and the wider community
  • supporting the development of quality assurance frameworks, standard setting, monitoring and reporting
  • advising on development of clinical practice, training and personal development for managing this client group



The Group will meet 3 times a year.

The Agenda will consider topics and review collation of recently commissioned research findings. Standing items may relate to the principle clinical treatments and interventions currently provided by NHS Grampian and partners, e.g. substitute prescribing, detoxification.

The group’s work will be supported by commissioned work from the Centre for Academic primary Care (currently Dr Catriona Matheson’s team at the Department of General Practice, University of Aberdeen) through an annually funded service level agreement (SLA). The key elements of this SLA will be to provide 1) a programme of critically appraised evidence summaries to inform discussion of specifically agreed topics and 2) abstracts from key literature sources on alcohol and other drug addictions.



The Group will respond to particular requests for assessment of interventions put forward by the ADPs or by members with a summary of the evidence available and recommendations to the chairs of the ADPs and subgroups. This should include actions to be considered and taken forward by ADPs through their commissioning processes. These outputs will be shared with the other Grampian ADPs, SMS and others as relevant.

The Group’s remit will be reviewed every 2 years.

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