E-cigarettes event Feb 2017- Aberdeenshire Local Tobacco Alliance (ALTA)

Aberdeenshire Local Tobacco Alliance (ALTA) recently held an event to raise awareness about e-cigarettes. Chris Littlejohn, Consultant in Public Health, showed how a 1% reduction in smoking prevalence every year in NHS Grampian would see 46 fewer deaths, 218 fewer admissions and £2m total healthcare costs saved. Fewer young people are smoking with data showing a drop of around 20% in the prevalence of 15 year olds who smoke regularly in the last 10 years – 7% regular smokers in 2013 compared with 27% in 2002.

Linda Bauld, Professor of Health Policy, Director of the Institute of Social Marketing and Dean of Research at the University of Stirling, presented evidence showing that e-cigarette use is prevalent in Scotland but it is confined to current or ex-smokers, e-cigarettes are far safer than tobacco and there is growing evidence of effectiveness for smoking cessation. She added that worryingly, the general population and smokers have misconceptions regarding the relative harm and that this needs to change.

Carol Muir, Health Improvement Officer and Rachel Stewart, Smoking Cessation Co-ordinator highlighted concerns around the aggressive advertising and focussed marketing of e-cigarettes to non-smokers, especially very young children. While recognising that e-cigarettes reduce tobacco related harm, more research is needed about other impacts, such as whether young e-cigarette users move on to smoking.










For more information contact Jill Smith or Rachel Stewart Smoking Cessation Coordinators on jillsmith1@nhs.net or rachel.stewart7@nhs.net

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