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Over the decades there has seen a change in cultural attitude towards tobacco in Scotland due to a range of polices and campaigns. Such actions like the historic smoke-free legislation in 2006 has given rise to reduced smoking rates in Scotland (31% in 1999 to 24% in 2011)  and associated improved health and wellbeing benefits, however much more needs to be done.

Overall smoking rates (adults 16+) are 20% in Aberdeenshire which is below the Scottish national average of 24%. Areas of deprivation, such as some parts of Peterhead and Fraserburgh have much higher rates of smoking (38%).

The Scottish National Tobacco Strategy – Creating a Tobacc-Free Generation: A Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland

In 2013 a new Scottish National Tobacco Strategy for Scotland was produced and sets out a wide range of actions for the next 5 years to help create a Tobacco-Free Generation.

Whilst the Scottish Government has long made clear its aspirations for a tobacco-free Scotland, this strategy sets the date by which to realise this ambition.  Its focus on doing all we can to encourage children and young people to choose not to smoke.  By so doing, hope to create a tobacco-free generation of Scots by 2034.

Link to Strategy – Tobacco Control Strategy – Creating a Tobacco-Free Generation

New smoking cessation HEAT target (2011/12 – 2013/14)

The Grampian-wide target during 2011-2014 was to achieve 7746 4 week quits and Aberdeenshire to achieve 3054 4 week quits, with 60% of successful quits to come from the 40% most deprived areas.  Both Grampian and Aberdeenshire achieved this target ahead of trajectory which was great news.

As of 1st April 2014 a new HEAT target has been introduced.  Grampian has a year to achieve 1634 12 week quits within the 40% most deprived areas.

NHS Grampian Tobacco Control Strategy and Action Plan

NHS Grampian has published its strategy and action plan in order to achieve the national vision of creating a tobacco-free generation.  The strategy and action plan outlines a series of work streams that need to be delivered in partnership across Grampian.

NHS Grampian Tobacco Control Strategy and Action Plan

Tobacco Policy 2014

The Scottish National tobacco strategy, Creating a Tobacco Free Generation, is an action for all NHS Boards to implement and enforce smoke-free grounds (exception of mental health facilities) by March 2015 and CEL 01 2012, to ensure dedicated specialist smoking cessation is available within the hospital/acute setting which is integrated with community-based cessation services.

The above publications recognise that NHS Boards should be exemplars in providing smoke-free environments, denormalising smoking and further reduce smoking prevalence and smoking related disease.  Smoke-free hospital grounds also improve patient, staff and visitor experience by reducing risk of exposure to second-hand smoke.  Therefore, in response to this NHSG have recently introduced Tobacco Policy which outlines how smoking free grounds are to be achieved.

Link to Policy – NHS Grampian Tobacco Policy 2014

The Aberdeenshire Local Tobacco Alliance (ALTA)

ALTA is a multi-agency operational group that includes NHS, Council and 3rd sector agencies which localizes the recommendations in the Scottish National tobacco strategy and co-ordinates and monitors a local tobacco plan that aims to reduce smoking and the effects of tobacco in Aberdeenshire.

ALTA is the operational group takes forward joint tobacco related actions to reduce smoking related harm. ALTA is currently developing a 3 year tobacco plan where actions within the plan will have the potential to be resourced by Scottish Government tobacco funding.

The ALTA reports its actions to the NHS Grampian Tobacco Control and Aberdeenshire Health Improvement Group.

For more information on the work of the ALTA please contact Public Health Coordinator Banff & Buchan; g.rutten@nhs.net

E-cigarettes Event Feb 2017- Aberdeenshire Local Tobacco Alliance (ALTA)

An event to raise awareness about e-cigarettes. To find more about the event E-cigarettes event Feb 2017

Local projects – Smoking Prevention and Cessation Developments

Smoking Cessation Buddying Scheme (Deeside and Donside)

Over the last year and a half the Buddy scheme project coordinator has been involved in taken forward a number of interventions to improve the smoking cessation support available within the area.  The scheme has now finished and been evaluated by ASH Scotland.  Recommendations from the evaluation will be shared with partners to influence future practices. For more information please contact Public Health Coordinator Banff & Buchan; g.rutten@nhs.net

Smoking during Pregnancy Qualitative Study

Over the last year and a half Jane Geddes, Midwife/Lecturer has been working with a range of professionals to develop and implement a smoking cessation pathway across all the midwifery units in Grampian.  The pathway ensures all women at first booking are CO monitored by the midwife and if levels above 4 referred to Smoking Advice Service.  The pathway has received very positive feedback from midwifes and very little women have refused to participate. For more information please contact Jane Geddes, Midwife/Lecturer, j.geddes3@rgu.ac.uk

Smoke Free Homes

During 2013 a number of interventions were implemented within Fraserburgh to raise the publics and professionals awareness of Smoke Free Homes e.g. training was delivered to professionals, awareness events took place at Banff and Buchan College, Health Point, Summer Festivals, door to door leaflet drop, school logo competition with winners work produced onto rear of town bus and bus shelters and WAVES radio ad.

The work has recently been evaluated and report available. For more information please contact Public Health Coordinator Banff & Buchan; g.rutten@nhs.net

National Second Hand Smoke Campaign

On 25 March 2014 the Scottish Government launched a Second Hand Smoke Campaign.  The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of second-hand smoke and to support people to reassess their behaviour and make the necessary changes to ensure their children are protected from the harms of second hand smoke.


To support the campaign and provide information to parents on how to protect their children from the hidden dangers of second-hand smoke a new website was designed www.rightoutside.org.  The website dramatises the invisible movement of smoke through a house, where facts, coping strategies and myth-busting information is presented.

Smoke Free Policy Implementation Guidance

Please find a Smoke Free Hospital Implementation Tool (6Mb download) to implement the Smoke Free Policy for NHS facilities as explained in the NHS Grampian Tobacco Policy 2014 and the national tobacco strategy Creating a Tobacco-Free Generation, a Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland

The four month implementation tool is designed with the help of staff of Turriff Hospital between Oct 2013 and March 2014, and involves a 10 step-approach to create smoke free community hospital grounds. The guidance gives access to a range of documents to support:

  • The introduction of the process amongst hospital staff and partners.
  • The development of a short life work group.
  • Communication with staff, service users and the public.
  • Frequently asked question of staff with proposed solutions.
  • Ground and risk assessment.
  • Training suggestions and communication for staff.
  • An NRT protocol for hospital inpatients.
  • Monitoring and evaluation


The Smoke Free Hospital Implementation pilot has been presented with a poster at the Annual PH Conference (2014) Health in a Changing Scotland. Click the following link to access the poster: Smoke Free Grounds Policy Implementation Pilot

The documents are for guidance. Suggestions for improvement will be appreciated. Questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to George Rutten, Public Health Coordinator, email: g.rutten@nhs.net

NHS Grampian Stop Smoking Support

The NHS Grampian Smoking Advice Service (SAS) offers up to 12 weeks of support tailored to the needs of the smoker.  To refer to the service you can use PMS, call the freephone number on 08085 20 20 30 or email grampiansas@nhs.net.
Whenever someone is referred they will be contacted by the service and get the choice of the following options:

Group support. Sessions run once a week for 6 weeks with a further 6 weeks available if needed.  Each session lasts 45 minutes.  Groups are friendly and informal where patients will receive support along with fellow smokers.

One to one support. Smokers will see the stop smoking advisor on a one to one basis.

Telephone support. Smokers will receive support over the telephone from an advisor if they are unable to visit a venue.

SAS advisors can give patients a voucher for them to take to their GP with a recommendation as to which form of pharmacological support is best for them so that they can be given this on prescription.

Pharmacy support. Smokers can visit their local community pharmacy without an appointment and receive up to 12 weeks worth of support.  Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can be prescribed through this service and many pharmacies are now prescribing Champix as well.

Those who have been registered with some form of support will be followed up at 4 weeks, 12 weeks and 52 weeks post quit date to determine smoking status and offered further support if required.  Follow ups generally happen via a telephone call if permission has been given to do this.

Please see the HI-Net SAS Homepage for more information.


Tobacco and Smoking E:Learning Session has recently been added to AT Learning for staff.    The session aims to increase staffs knowledge around tobacco and how to raise the issue of smoking.  The session covers the following topics, tobacco and smoking, NHSG tobacco policy, how to give brief intervention, health risks of smoking, benefits of stopping smoking and how to get help for a smoker. The session takes less than 45 minutes to complete and accessed following instructions below

1.    Go to www.at-learning.org
2.    Sign in using eKSF username and password
3.    Select Book Activities
4.    From menu select Book e-Learning Activities
5.    In Activity Name type Tobacco and Smoking
6.    A page should appear with Tobacco and Smoking e-Learning in the left hand column, scroll along to the right and select Book Independently
7.    Menu will appear, insert date you wish to complete session and save
8.    Click Home on the menu bar.  A list of your activities will appear.  You can start the Tobacco and Smoking e-learning session by clicking Launch Activity

Staff who do not have access to the AT-learning or NHS Grampian intranet, can access Tobacco and Smoking eLearning using this link (coming soon).


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