Aberdeenshire’s Health

Aberdeenshire has a population of around 233,443 making it the 6th largest council area in Scotland.  There is diversity from rural settlements to coastal towns.  This diversity is reflected in the demographics, with some areas having predominantly more elderly population and others a younger population.  There are also differences in socio-economic factors as well as health profiles.

Having information about the health and socio-economic factors within the different areas in Aberdeenshire helps us to plan health services that suit local needs.

Local Research / Profiling

Local Health Statistics

The 2010 Aberdeenshire CHP health and wellbeing profile is available, along with profiles focusing on children and young people. These profiles highlight the considerable variation in health between areas and help identify priorities for health improvement. The profiles give a snapshot overview of health for the area using spine charts (which show how the area compares to the Scottish average) and allow further understanding of the results via rank charts and trend charts.

More information on these profiles can be found on ScotPHO’s website.

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights 2012 provide a colour coded picture of health status in our communities. The traffic lights take the percentage below or above the Scottish average and assign a red light if more than 5% worse than the Scottish average, green more than 5% better than Scottish average and amber if within + or – 5% of Scottish average. Traffic lights take information from the ScotPHO ‘Community Health and Wellbeing profiles 2010.

Further local health information is available under the relevant topic area of What we do.

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