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Public Health Team Contacts

Public Health Lead Kim Penman
Inverurie Hospital
kim.penman@nhs.net Tel: 01467 672844
Mob: 07525 047276
Principal Health Improvement Officer (Community Planning) George Howie
Woodhill House
g.howie@nhs.net Tel: 01224 664962
Mob: 07557 203577
Advanced Public Health Co-ordinator (PHC)
(Banff & Buchan)
George Rutten,
Chalmers Hospital, Banff
g.rutten@nhs.net Tel: 01261 819166 Mob: 07799 470006
Advanced PHC (Buchan) Calvin Little
Maud Resource Centre
calvin.little@nhs.net Tel: 01771 613990
Mob: 07876 258783
Advanced PHC (Kincardine & Mearns) Fiona Murray
Arduthie Lodge, Stonehaven
f.murray@nhs.net Tel: 01569 792074
Mob: 07768 356299
Area PHC (Marr) Dawn Tuckwood
Glen O’ Dee Hospital, Banchory
dawn.tuckwood@nhs.net Mob: 07900 136493
Area PHC (Formartine & Garioch) Carolyn Lamb
Inverurie Hospital
carolynlamb@nhs.net Tel: 01467 672704
Mob: 07500 033689
Public Health Clerical Officer Brenda Johns nhsg.publichealth@nhs.net Tel: 01467 672838
Health Improvement Officer – Strategy Susan Forbes
Susan Logan    (Job Share) Woodhill House
 Tel: 01224 665269
Health Improvement Officer (HEAL) Mary Bellizzi
Inverurie Hospital
mary.bellizzi@nhs.net Tel: 01467 672726
Mob: 07876 258891
Health Improvement Officer (Drugs & Alcohol) Carol Muir
Summerfield House
carolmuir@nhs.net Tel: 01224 558657
Mob: 07971 664167
Health Improvement Officer (ELL) Katherine Burke
Gordon House
katherine.burke@aberdeenshire.gov.uk Tel: 01467 628494
Mob: 07919 565197
Smoking Cessation
Jill Smith
Inverurie Hospital
jillsmith1@nhs.net*on maternity leave as of January 2015 Tel: 01467 672729
Mob: 07500 033728
Annette Johnson
Arduthie Lodge, Stonehaven
annette.johnson2@nhs.net Tel: 01569 792054
Mob: 07500 033767
Healthpoint Advisor Peterhead (Tues-Fri) Colleen Callaghan Ccallaghan@nhs.net Mob: 07876 258953
Healthpoint Advisor Fraserburgh (Tues-Fri) Shirley Buchan Shirley.buchan@nhs.net Mob: 07788 302138
Public Health Admin Support Mandy Thow
Inverurie Hospital
mandy.thow@nhs.net Tel: 01467 670990
Child Healthy Weight Health Coach Emma Dobson
Inverurie Hospital
 emma.dobson@nhs.net Tel: 07557 203578
Grow Well Choices Health Coach Alana Davidson
Inverurie Hospital
Community Health Improvement Advisor Ingrid Penny
Jubilee Hospital, Huntly
Ingrid.penny@nhs.net Tel: 07500 033771
Community Health Improvement Advisor Veronica Reid veronicareid@nhs.net Tel: 07786250476

At the operational level, the Aberdeenshire CHP Public Health Team is the team of staff who work across the NHS and in partnership with other organisations and local communities to improve the health and wellbeing of the Aberdeenshire population and to reduce inequalities.

Aberdeen Community Planning Partnership (CPP)

Health and wellbeing is everyone’s business.  Partnership working across agencies and the voluntary sector is key to addressing health inequalities and the wider factors contributing to them.  Together we work under the umbrella of the Aberdeenshire’s Community Planning Partnership.

In Aberdeenshire, community planning involves public, private and voluntary services to work together with communities to deliver better services. To achieve the best quality of life for everyone in Aberdeenshire, the partnership has agreed a number of shared outcomes to be delivered for residents. A range of priority local outcomes and indicators have been agreed in the 2013-2023 Single Outcome Agreement. This document sets out what the community planning partners will do over the next 10 years.

Reducing inequalities in health outcomes and improving physical activity are one of the six high level priorities.

The Aberdeenshire Health Inequalities Group is a multi-agency strategic group which oversees and agrees action in Aberdeenshire to reduce inequalities in health and improve physical activity. The Health Inequalities Group reports to the Aberdeenshire Community Health Partnership and Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership.

The document ‘A Guide to Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities in Aberdeenshire 2011-2015’ is now available.  In summary the guidance:

  • Outlines the strategic and local context for health improvement, e.g. Equally Well; NHS Grampian Health Plan, Aberdeenshire Single Outcome Agreement and Community Plan 2011- 2015 and provides links to Local Community Plans.
  • Details the guiding principles for health improvement activity and a profile of Aberdeenshire e.g. demography, health data and rural deprivation and isolation.
  • Drills down to the current seven health improvement priorities in Aberdeenshire, these are: Reducing Inequalities in Health; Early Years; Mental Health and Wellbeing; Tobacco; Alcohol and other Drugs; Healthy Eating Active Living; Building Capacity.
  • Provides evidence for each priority and highlights why we are focussing our efforts on working in partnership to address the causes and consequences of health inequalities across Aberdeenshire.
  • Informs on how and whom we report on progress of health improvement projects and towards targets.


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