Aberdeenshire Health Inequalities Group

The Aberdeenshire Health Inequalities Group (previously the health improvement group) is a multi-agency strategic group. The core purpose of the group is to develop, progress, oversee and monitor actions on the Single Outcome Agreement priorities – reducing health inequalities and increasing physical activity. The group will develop a strategic vision to ‘close the health gap’ in Aberdeenshire and will lead and direct partnership actions to achieve this.


The Aberdeenshire Health Inequalities Group is a multi-agency group. Membership of this group includes; Aberdeenshire Alcohol & Drug Partnership, Aberdeenshire Community Health Partnership, Aberdeenshire Council Services (e.g. Education & Children’s Services) and Council for Voluntary Services.


The Aberdeenshire Health Inequalities Group has a broad remit and reports to the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership and to the Aberdeenshire Community Health Partnership. Click here for a more detailed remit


The Group meets every 8 weeks. Please find the minutes for 2014 below.



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