Aberdeenshire Health Improvement Fund (HIF)

The sole purpose of the fund is to support Health Improvement work and address inequalities in health across Aberdeenshire. The fund can be accessed by anyone who is working towards improving the health of the local community or communities of interest in a way that meets local needs and reflects local circumstances. The guidance aims to support applicants with their application and relevant funding application can be found at the end of this document. In addition further support can be provided via local Public Health Co-ordinator (contact details available at end of application).
If this is an Aberdeenshire-wide bid then please send to your local Public Health Co-ordinator. Aberdeenshire-wide bids will be assessed using the same criteria as local bids but in conjunction with all Public Health Co-ordinators to ensure Shire-wide consistency. There are six local areas (see map).

A scoring system will be used to ensure a fair and consistent assessment of bids across Aberdeenshire and that the evaluation process you choose will achieve proposed outcomes.

Application Forms and Guidance

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