Useful Contacts

Smoking Advice Service (SAS) – 08085 20 20 30
This is NHS Grampian’s local smoking cessation service who can guide you on how to make a referral to the service and how to give your client support on quitting. Please see HI-Net SAS webpage for more information.

Smokeline – 0800 848484 (9am-9pm)
This is Scotland’s national stop smoking helpline to which you can opt to guide your client for support on quitting. You can also find further information on their website

Useful Websites

Smokefree – This site gives you information on going smoke-free

ASH Scotland – ASH Scotland also provides regularly updated information on second-hand smoke issues (

Partnership Action on Tobacco and Health (PATH)
This is a joint initiative between ASH Scotland, NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government which aims to reduce tobacco prevalence in Scotland.

Take it Right Outside – Facts about second hand smoke, including the ‘Take it right outside’ campaign video.



Passive smoking and children: A report of the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians: Prepared by the Royal College of Physicians, this report will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about creating a healthier, smoke-free environment for children.

Statistics from Royal College of Physicians Report 2010 – ‘Passive Smoking and Children’ in UK:

  • In 2007 40% of children were exposed to tobacco smoke at home but since Scotland’s smoke-free legislation was implemented this figure has dropped to 20-25%
  • Risk of lower respiratory tract infections increases by 60% if child living in home where mother smokes and there are more than 20,000 cases per year
  • Risk of wheezing increased by 65-77% and an increase in asthma, among school children, of 20%. There are at least 22,000 new cases per year.
  • Risk of middle ear disease is 35-46% with about 120.000 cases per year
  • The risk of meningitis is doubled with around 200 cases per year
  • 40 cases of sudden infant death syndrome per year linked to second-hand smoke
  • There are more than 300,000 GP consultations and around 9,500 hospital admissions annually due to the effects of second-hand smoke
  • It costs the NHS £9.7 million for primary care visits and asthma treatment related to second-hand smoke
  • It costs the NHS £13.8 million for hospital admissions related to second-hand smoke
  • The cost of providing asthma drugs each year to children who develop asthma as a result of second-hand smoke is £4 million
  • A child is 90% more likely to become an adult smoker if growing up with parents or siblings who smoke

Finally a key conclusion and recommendation from the report is: ‘Second-hand smoke is an involuntary exposure to children. All adults therefore have a duty to avoid exposing children to tobacco smoke’.

Creating a Tobacco-Free Generation: A Tobacco Control Strategy for Scotland

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training has provided a short training module for anyone who comes into contact with smokers and their families and is now available on the NCSCT website or can be accessed through the following link: There are short film clips to demonstrate possible interactions with families, building knowledge and skills to deliver the intervention, along with information on the harms caused by secondhand smoke and why it is important to raise the issue. There is also a short assessment with a certificate available on successful completion to provide evidence of continuing professional development (CPD). This will be a useful resource to improve and refresh your knowledge and skills in this area.

An introductory film that features parents who have made changes to their smoking in the home an also be viewed on the You Tube site


The REFRESH How to Guide will help professionals working with families and children to raise the issue of second-hand smoke in the home and car with parents and carers.

The REFRESH guide has information on:

  • second-hand smoke and its health effects
  • hints and tips on how to create a smoke-free home
  • the benefits of reducing their smoking in the home and car
  • how to overcome parent barriers to creating a smoke-free home

Informed by a portfolio of research and peer-developed, the REFRESH guide provides evidence-based advice and information that professionals will find useful in helping raise the issue of smoking in the home and car.

Download the guide and visit the website at:

The REFRESH project is a collaborative research project funded by the Big Lottery Fund and managed by ASH Scotland in partnership with the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

For further information on the REFRESH guide or project contact: Dr Rachel O’Donnell or ASH Scotland Enquiries team.

Research Articles

Lancet media release 27 October 2012: Study of a million women finds giving up smoking can extend life by ten years.  Article available at:

Max, W., Sung, H. Y., and Shi, Y. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among children exposed to secondhand smoke: A logistic regression analysis of secondary data. International Journal of Nursing Studies . 26-10-2012.  Abstract or full text available at:

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