Maternal and Infant Nutrition

UNICEF Baby Friendly in the Community

All three Health and Social Care Partnerships within NHS Grampian have now achieved full Baby Friendly accreditation.


NHS Grampian are committed to continually maintain and build upon this achievement, offering a high standard of support and care for the women and babies. This is achieved through ongoing staff training and audit to ensure knowledge and skills meet the UNICEF Baby Friendly Standards and the needs of women in Grampian.

The “Welcome to Breastfeed Scheme” has been launched in Union Square- business’s have been approached and given information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding and ensuring a warm welcome from staff. Premises display a “Welcome to Breastfeed” sticker in their window so mothers can be assured they can identify those business’s who are committed to supporting breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding Guidelines are now updated to “NHS Grampian Infant Feeding Policy and Guidelines” (available on NHS Grampian Network only). These reflect the need to support women however they choose to feed their baby. “NHS Grampian Guidance For The Treatment of Breast Candidiasis” is also available on the NHS Grampian intranet to support effective diagnosis and treatment by practitioners.

Breastfeeding Peer Support Project

To support breastfeeding in the city, we have a group of trained volunteers who deliver breastfeeding peer support. These volunteers offer support to mothers both ante- and post-natally, through inputs at infant feeding workshops, breastfeeding support groups and one-to-one contact. This support is available to all breastfeeding mothers and can be accessed through their Midwife or Health Visitor, or directly by calling 07780 793 600.

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