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ASH Scotland
ASH Scotland – Action on Smoking and Health (Scotland) - is the independent Scottish charity taking action to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.
They seek to improve health and quality of life by limiting the number of young people taking up smoking, reducing the number of adult smokers, protecting people from second hand smoke and tackling the inequality resulting from tobacco use. Their activities include an expert information service, parliamentary lobbying, campaigning, action-based projects, providing professional training and taking forward partnerships and alliances.

National Smokeline
Smokeline is Scotland's national stop smoking helpline, open every day from 8am to 10pm. Over the years we've helped thousands of people and we can help you too. Willpower alone is often not enough. And why make it any harder than it needs to be? Smokeline advisers can guide you through what's helped other smokers, and help you work out what's most likely to work for you.

No Smoking Day
The campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation, and helps smokers who want to quit by creative a supportive environment, and by highlighting the many sources of help and advice available. Their vision is to reduce tobacco related illness and death. Their mission is to support smokers who want to stop by providing an opportunity to do so, and highlighting the effective help that is available.

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