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Local Training

This page offers you access to a variety of local training courses and workshops within Health Improvement, Public Health and NHS Grampian. To submit information on relevent training courses that you would like listed on the HI-Net website, please e-mail us at


Supporting the Professional
Training session for staff working in health on the following services: HI-Net, healthpoint, Health Information Resources and Caredata.

Improving Health: Developing Effective Practice (IH:DEP)
This is a blending learning course which aims to enable participants to increase their confidence in improving health and tackling health inequalities, by providing a framework which will guide and encourage the development of effective and reflective practice.

NHS Grampian IT Training (NHS Grampian Network Only )
Information on NHS Grampian IT Training courses and the current Training schedule.

NHS Grampian Learning Zone (NHS Grampian Network Only)
This is your new Learning Zone for all forms of training for NHS Grampian staff, students and those intending to Return to Work. The  Directory links to current Learning and Development course listings.
The Learning and Development Team offer services at the three main sites: Foresterhill, Woodend Hospital and Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin.