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Health Improvement Key Documents

In this area you will find Key Local Health Improvement Documents including:

  • Director of Public Health Annual Report
  • Single Outcome Agreements
  • NHS Grampian Local Delivery Plan

Director of Public Health DPH Annual Reports - NHS Grampian

The Annual Report of the Director of Public Health (DPH) provides an independent assessment of the health of the people of Grampian and identifies areas where action is required to maintain or improve health.

The NHS Grampian DPH Annual Reports are archived in the following list:

There are also links to DPH Reports from other Health Boards in Scotland.

Single Outcome Agreements

NHS Grampian Local Delivery Plan

Every year in March, NHS Grampian agrees a Local Delivery Plan with the Scottish Government Health Directorate.  This Plan details how NHS Grampian aims to contribute to meeting the Scottish Government's targets and outcomes for the NHS. These targets and outcomes are known as the HEAT targets because they relate to delivery of Health Improvement, Efficiency, Access and Treatment.