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Firstly, HI-Net stands for Grampian’s Health Improvement Network. HI-Net is an external website (or virtual network) containing information related to health improvement in the Grampian area of North East Scotland. Information on HI-Net is aimed at professionals who’s work is related to health improvement or for professionals with an interest in this area. HI-Net provides a useful base to share information, find out about relevant health improvement teams and to learn from other teams and/or initiatives within Grampian. There are also added features of HI-Net (exclusive to members) including the forum and private areas. In general however the vast majority of content on HI-Net is open and freely available for public consumption. You can access HI-Net at any location- as long as you have access to the internet. This means you can access HI-Net both in and out-with your work setting.

What is a HI-Net Member?

When someone signs up or subscribes to the HI-Net monthly bulletin they automatically become a member of the HI-Net community. Only members receive monthly email HI-Net bulletins. On request to the HI-Net team, members can also access the HI-Net forum to take part in online discussions related to health improvement in Grampian. Additionally, on request to the HI-Net team members can use the private function where access to specified documents and/or webpages is granted by a password. If you are a member and wish to use the forum or private function please contact the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net.

Why become a HI-Net member?

Only members of HI-Net receive the monthly email notification containing the HI-Net monthly bulletin. In addition, only members are able to access the HI-Net Forum and restricted areas of the site including private documents and webpages. Both the Forum and private webpages and/or documents require a member’s log in credentials or password. This log in credentials/ password will only be issued to you if/when you request to use these additional facilities. Please note, the majority of information on HI-Net is freely available without a password.  NHS Scotland Photo Library

How do I become a HI-Net member?

To become a member simply subscribe to the HI-Net monthly bulletin. Subscription to the bulletin automatically makes you a member of HI-Net. To become a member of HI-Net click on the “subscribe” link on the main Homepage (within the “Subscribe” box). Simply enter your details on the on-line form, then click on the “subscribe” button at the foot of the form to submit. You must supply a valid professional/work email address in order for us to validate your subsciption. Please contact the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net if you would like to register but only have access to a personal email address. After your online form has been validated you will receive a welcome email and will automatically become a member of HI-Net. You can discontinue your membership at any point by contacting the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net

Who can be a member of HI-Net?

HI-Net membership is open to all professionals who are working to improve health in Grampian and those interested in the area of health improvement. Members are welcome from the NHS and all partner organisations such as Local Authorities, Education, Voluntary Sector and any other organisations with a remit for Health Improvement. Students who are studying subjects related to health improvement can also sign up. For students we ask for your university/college email address when you sign up.

Does HI-Net membership cost anything?

No, there are no costs involved with becoming a member of HI-Net!

What is the private function or facilities of HI-Net?

Although the vast majority of information on HI-Net is open, members can request to create a private webpage or submit private documents which only specified members of HI-Net can see. For example, a member may only want HI-Net members within their team or partnership group to see a document in progress such as a draft policy. Such a document may not be suitable for public consumption therefore it is made private and only accessible to specified members. When someone tries to access a private webpage and/or document they will be prompted to enter a password. If they do not have permission to access the private webpage or document their access will be denied. For more information please contact the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net.

What’s the difference between HI-Net, NHS Grampian Intranet and NHS Grampian website?

The main differences between these 3 online sites are their target audiences and accessibility. HI-Net is an external website aimed at professionals in a health improvement related role or for professionals with an interest in the field. These professionals come from a range of organisations and sectors such as NHS Grampian, Local Authorities, Education and the Voluntary Sector. The NHS Grampian website is primarily aimed at the general public. The NHS Grampian website contains information about various NHS services and it is also a useful tool for signposting members of the public to specialist NHS Grampian services. Both HI-Net and NHS Grampian website can be accessed on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection at home and work. The NHS Grampian Intranet is aimed at NHS Grampian staff only. The Intranet provides NHS Grampian staff access to NHS Grampian information resources, forms, policies, guidelines and online tools such as the online telephone directory. The Intranet is only available to staff who have access to a PC that is able to access the NHS Grampian IT network. You cannot access the Intranet outside of work- unlike the other 2 online sites. If you submit content for HI-Net we reserve the right to advise that it should be posted on the NHS Grampian public website or the NHS Grampian Intranet instead, depending on the target audience.

How do I search for information?

There is a keyword search at the top right corner of all HI-Net webpages. This search facility specifically searches for HI-Net webpages. There is also a document search found within the Document Library/ Information Resources section of HI-Net. The document search facility specifically searches for files. To search for projects and team’s please click on the ‘People and Networks’ tab.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, even after using the search facilities, please contact the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net.

How do I submit a document/event/news story/campaign to HI-Net?

Email your submission to hinet@nhs.net with any relevant details or information. If you need to update a submission after it has been published on HI-Net just email the relevant changes and it can be amended. Please note, all submissions should be related to health improvement.

What can HI-Net do for my organisation/department?

If you wish, you could create your own area on HI-Net’s People and Networks section where you could have details of your work, contacts, reports and any other information you wish to publish on HI-Net. The information in each area must be related to health improvement and be targeted at professionals with an interest in health improvement. This area can be open to the public or it can be private. Private areas are password protected where only identified members have access. In a private area you can post documents and information confidentially between members of your group. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss how HI-Net could benefit your organisation/ department or email the HI-Net team on hinet@nhs.net.

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