The NHS Grampian Health & Work Team can help your organisation to make positive changes to the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff. The Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives provides free and confidential support and advice to employers, with one simple aim: to create a healthier workforce. Having healthier and more motivated employees can result in reduced sickness absence and increased productivity. With a team of advisers just an email or phone call away, you will have all the support you need to build a healthy workplace for your employees.

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25 organisations in the NE receive prestigious awards in our Healthy Working Lives Grampian Newsletter- June/July 2017

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07.09.17 – Denise Kazmierczak, Sexual Health/BBV

Bronze Award Kickstart Session 03.11.17

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Health Campaigns Calendar 2017

Health Campaigns Calendar 2017

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Local Strategy, Policy and Reports

This guide contains lists of local and national organisations, websites, services and resources that may assist organisations to achieve Healthy Working Lives (HWL) award.

Working Health Services Grampian

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Fit for work

Fit for Work

Fit for Work –

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