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Pilot of a 1-1 Physical Activity Consultation Service in Grampian

Diabetes presents a serious health challenge right across Scotland. The number of people with diabetes in NHS Grampian is approx 23,000 and is increasing year by year.

As part of this pilot, adults with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes will take part in a one-to-one physical activity consultation carried out by a Health Psychologist. During the consultation, participants can discuss how much exercise they do, how much exercise they would like to do and what tends to get in the way of increasing their activity levels. This information is then used to help them set their own realistic goals for increasing physical activity. The activities can include exercising in the home, getting out and about or using local facilities such as community centres.

There is strong research evidence that physical activity consultations are effective in increasing physical activity. The key aim of this pilot study is to evaluate how physical activity consultations work in the real world.

The model for provision of physical activity consultation will follow guidance developed by Kirk et al. (2007) for undertaking physical activity consultation and constructing exercise programmes for patients with diabetes.

Each patient will attend an initial 30 minute one to one physical activity consultation. During this consultation baseline measurements of physical activity levels, stage of change and psychological measures will be recorded. Following the initial consultation patients will receive personalised follow up via monthly email, telephone, text or face to face meetings (flexible according to patient preference)for the next 6 months. At 6 and 12 months baseline measurements will be repeated with follow up physical activity consultations.

A process evaluation will be carried out by a colleague not directly involved with the physical activity consultations in order to independently explore the practicalities and feasibility of running such a service within NHS Grampian.

The pilot will run for 18 months and will operate from both Woolmanhill Hospital and Dyce Health Centre. To book a consultation or find out more about this pilot service, contact Mary McCallum directly on 07557 317 804 or at





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