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The Rough Guide to Better Care Without Delay (BCWD)

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What is it?

BCWD is NHS Grampian's programme to:

  • Improve the quality of patient experience through
  • Redesign of whole patient pathways thereby
  • Avoiding delay resulting in
  • Achievement of the SGHD's 18 week referral to treatment standard by December 2011

What are the milestones?           

Stage of Treatment Targets

  • March 2009   
    • OP wait                                            - max 15 weeks         Achieved 12 weeks
    • Diagnostic wait                                 - max 6 weeks            Achieved 6 weeks
    • IP/DC wait                                       - max 15 weeks          Achieved 12 weeks

Whole Pathway Targets

  • March 2010
    • 80% admitted patients                       - max 18 weeks
    • 85% non-admitted patients                - max 18 weeks
  • Dec 2010       
    • 90% admitted patients                       - max 18 weeks
    • 95% non-admitted patients                - max 18 weeks
  • Dec 2011       
    • 18 weeks referral to treatment 


What Will We Do?

How Will We Do It?

Develop, support and empower workforce to use their knowledge and expertise to redesign and transform their services

  • Involve staff in pathway development and service transformation.
  • Communicate regularly.
  •  Provide training in new systems and processes

Develop comprehensive, measurable patient pathways for all services

  • Pathway Readiness Assessment - completed by all services
  • The Hub - supporting specialities to transform how services are delivered

Develop linked information systems supported by sound IT infrastructure

  • 18 week RTT e-health taskforce - developing methods and systems to track patients
  • Axsys - online triage
  • New Patient Management System
  • OPERA Theatre System

Develop stable, sustainable services, reduce reliance on special initiatives

  • Tailored demand and capacity modelling
  • Continuous improvement methodology
  • Reduce waste and duplication

Who is on the Better Care Without Delay team?


Join the BCWD sub group at C.H.A.I.N. (Contact, Help, Advice & Information Network)

Supporting Documents

Please note that some of the information in this section may be out of date - we hope to have it updated in due course.  Apologies for any inconvenience.